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SST Small-Medium Etching machine

Double side etching machine:

Photochemical etching refer to remove the protective film of the area to be etched after plate making and developing by exposure process, and contacting the chemical solution during etching to achieve the effect of dissolving and corroding, forming unevenness or hollow molding.

①.  Exposure method: According to the graphics raw material shearing-material preparation-material cleaning-drying → film lamination or coating → drying → exposure → developing → drying-etching → film stripping → OK

②.  Screen printing method: Raw material shearing → clean the plate (stainless steel and other metal materials) → screen printing → etching → stripping → OK

This machine is full pressure etching machine effective etching section 2meter, every spraying pipe pressure controlled by pressure gauge seperately, suitable for precise etching production. 

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