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Decorative metal electroplating machine

When plating workpiece size is small and the batch production is large, it is reasonable and economical to adopt the barrel plating method. Comparing to rack plating, barrel plating has the following advantages:

1. Barrel plating omits the procedures of loading and unloading hangers, saving man-hours, and its production efficiency is 4-6 times higher than rack plating;

2. Barrel plating can sometimes improve the quality of the coating, because the workpiece is constantly rolling, which is equivalent to intense stirring, which can cause the air bubbles on the surface of the plating to detach early, prevent impurities from sticking, and make the coating bright;

3. Cause no hanger is used, the appearance of hanger marks on the plated parts is avoided

There are many plating types suitable for barrel plating, such as Zn, Cd, Ag, Sn, Cu, Ni, etc. Horizontal barrel plating is the most widely used in barrel plating with many advantages such as high labor production efficiency, good surface quality of plated parts, and a wide range of applicable parts. The application scope of horizontal barrel plating covers the vast majority of small parts electroplating processing in hardware, home appliances, auto and motorcycle, bicycle, electronics, instruments, watches, pens, magnetic materials and other industries. 

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